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quote . as you can see, he has brought some more company. a snow leopard. frisky one. >> for me -- you asked about the elephant. this will get about four times this size. they live in the himalayas. they live at altitude. >> when there's so few of them, how do they find another to mate with? >> that's just it. good point. they're solitary cats. when she cycles, there's not enough of them to even find the other cat. >> can they mix-mate with other breeds? >> no, not up there. that's been done before, lion and tiger, but not any other cats that i know of. this tail, you can touch the tail if you want to. the tail gets much bigger, like this thick. up there it's 40, 50 below zero, whatever. wow, that was cool, wasn't it? >> that's very cool. yeah. >> i'm sorry you don't have a hand there.
how it turns out next on the countdown. >>> and halloween revenge of the snow leopard. >> weird stuff like this you could watch all day. >>> back to the rtm top ten countdown. it's all about the stop at the it's 4:00 in the morning, and your job in the military is to test parachutes. basically, a human crash test dummy. the guy that's about to jump is mark and he belongs to the u.s. army combat unit. his job is also to practice parachute landing falls so that they can test different scenarios in which the parachutes will be used. he jumps and everything seems really smooth. now, i have to tell you, he's carrying about 100 extra pounds of equipment. again, it's part of the test. >> he's going down pretty fast. >> right about here, you hear him say -- the winds are very, very high, and so he's battling with the force of the winds. right about there, you do see him drop the 100 pounds of gear. >> that will slow him down a bit. that's a good idea. >> ahhhh! >> what happened? >> his landing was so hard that he couldn't do anything that he was supposed to. probably why he said this is going
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like these guys do. but having raised tigers, my wife and i have raised tigers, lions, leopards, everything in 40 years of marriage. you kind of know cats when you do that much. you see how he's licking me? if that were a full grown tiger, in less than ten minutes, he could lick me and just lick my arm to the bone. that's how rough that tongue becomes. >> really? >> like sand paper beyond you have ever seen. >> when they get to the full size, how many of these are there left in the world? >> maybe 200 to 400. that's all. >> that's all there is? >> all there is. >> these are literally two of the last remaining siberian tigers. >> in the zoo world we do quite well with them. when a tiger likes this, like in india, the bengal tiger, i have seen them take down a water buffalo in less than ten seconds. it's like a bomb going off. beyond anything like a grenade going off inside something. they are also one of the only cats in the world that when they can eat up to 30, 40 pounds at one sitting, even their stomachs can explode sometimes and kill the animal. plus most cats like lion will
. they spent three years following this leopard, and captured one of the most extraordinary moments in wildlife filmmaking. this baby baboon's mother had just been killed by the leopard. instead of killing the baby, the leopard cared for it throughout the night, trying to keep it alive. >> dereck joubert: but another example of a scene that... that we were able to capture that nobody had ever seen before, nobody had ever heard about before, and is almost unimaginable. >> logan: before you documented it, no one would have believed that was possible. >> dereck joubert: i think that, very often, when we start talking about the things that we've filmed, we do get pushback from some scientists saying, "that's impossible." and thankfully, then you... you show the film and it advances science in many ways. >> logan: today, they feel an urgency to do more than make films. and they've teamed up with the national geographic society to create the big cats initiative, trying to draw attention to the fact that the number of big cats in the wild is falling fast, particularly lions. >> dereck joubert: in our
this whole thing. you're undecided? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: really? you're like seeing a snow leopard in the wild. this is very exciting. >> obama promised a lot of stuff and hasn't reached that part yet. >> reporter: unmet promises. the president is counting on that kind of voter to swing his way. along with the kind of urban professionals who show up to a halloween party at the ultra hip iron horse hotel in milwaukee. but it is not so cut and dry. >> i'm going to vote for mitt romney. >> mitt romney. >> reporter: romney? why? >> because he's more closely matches who we are as regular folks, what our ideals are. and for the social safety net. don't get me wrong. i want to help the helpless, to quote dennis miller, but i don't want to help the clueless. >> i'm definitely going to vote for obama. i pay a lot of income taxes. but you know, i look at that as a badge of success. you know? and i know i'm not going to -- who am i to judge someone less fortunate than me, you know, on food stamps? >> reporter: everything you say makes sense considering that you are on a mission from god. >> i
have tamed the jungle. there is the extraordinary leopard dress that tells you where the coutoure are and how many hours of workmanship are in there. so when you pay the bill, perhaps it is justified. [laughter] there is one that was 1,032 hours of hand or again beating. they're very few designers i can think of in coutoure who would do something like that. we were used to seeing coutoure very much what i would call salon clothing, a very beautiful and very delicate, but not with the sentence animal, vegetable, natural being brought into coutoure. was doing coutoure for use something that you wanted to make coutoure different are doing it -- did it make you different as a designer? >> it is difficult to answer that question. maybe for me, i did not go to fashion school. i learned through looking what was about fashion in tv. at that time, it was only coutoure. and ready to wear. it was for france. like industrial things. no, only coutoure because it was aristocracy, the spirit of france. until the end of the 1980's. the designers of the 1980's. anyway, i was seeing that coutoure,
for companionship. and they're the focus of a new series on nat geo wild. this black leopard is extremely rare, but even more unique is his friendship with a bunny. it's a modern twist on the biblical lion lying with the lamb. zoo keepers introduced them when the runt cub was forced out by his siblings. they said they could see in the cat's eyes he didn't want to hurt her. if he had, he only needed to raise his paw or take one bite and the bunny would have been gone. the series explores the deep emotional life of animals. something scientists have been weighing in on more and more. >> it does show intelligence. it does show emotion. it shows these characteristics that i think we just don't give animals enough credit for. >> reporter: casey anderson says this behavior usually happens when animals are rejected by their own kind, then reach out to others for something as essential to them as food and water. >> you'll see two animals that, you know, come from unfortunate circumstances, but find each other. they step on each other's toes a little bit. but they get the rhythm, figure each other out
... a group of people... wait outssde.... while the man... in... full leopard costume ...tells the clerk... he's hungry... and... needs feeding.../ then... threatens to hurt him....// and... with... cat-like... reflexes --/ they run off,... pouncing on racks off chips and candy along the way...//.needless toosay... the wner is fed up. 3houessou says: "the guy said, "before you purchase anything, take oof your mask." and he said he doesn't want to take off then he threw the thing to pim." ///butt to//houeesou says: they keep doing it... i guess they're not scared abbut . nobody. 3 police are looking into it.. his employees... woold... like to see ...this guy... face down a used... damp... litter box.... 3 ---toss o emily--- pe're saying... thank you to the fans that make our facebook ppge a succes.'s .... faceeook... fan of the day is... angela robinson....// you... could be.. .a... fox 45... fan of thh daa..../ day..../all ... you... have to o... is... go to ... ....lash foxbaltimore../ and... click the "like"... button..../we... day...
's trendy in this shot. >> loved this dress with the leopard print, but wasn't quite appropriate for school, so i took the leopard inspiration, made it into a skirt with a black shirt, some black tights, then giving it that little vest for fun. what i loved is i put this collar necklace for holidays. she could dress it up a little bit. she looks cute and appropriate. >> adorable. >> the whole thing is from children's place. it's affordable, i love it. >> very cute. >> where can you find a shirt for $7.95? that's really terrific. >> old navy. >> thanks you so much. looks beautiful. miley cyrus is another look. here's the cyrus look with the skulls. >> not my favorite. >> miley tends to be edgy. i thought this dress was a little bit short for school, but i still love skulls. i found this skull sweater and a pair of black jeggings. i wear them all the time, they go with everything, so comfortable with the black combat boots. i think she looks great, go to school, hang out with friends at the mall and mom will be okay with it, because everything's covered. which i like. then you can accessorize
,000. >>> tennessee. two snow leopard cubs getting ready to meet their fans at the zoo. no leopard appreciation day is this weekend and it will be the first time they appear in public. they're only six weeks old. that's a fox watch across america. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the white house says the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called president obama today to update him on the fighting with gaza. the israelis report they've launched more than 600 air strikes in gaza since the military operations began. while hamas has hit israel with nearly 400 rockets, mortars and missiles. israel reporting about a quarter of those landed today alone. the white house reports netanyahu thanked the president for america's investment in israel's iron dome defense system that targets incoming rockets. netanyahu saying that system has saved countless israeli lives. the leaders also reportedly talked about ways to end the latest eruption of violence. this killed at least 30 people so far. in the past, the west h
. ♪ ♪ >>> okay. you like run dmc. i'm digging def leopard, bon jovi. one-stop shopping. nothing like def leopard. 1983 classic, photograph, which rob has never heard of before. get us to the final story. def leopard my favorite band. >> not surprising. there is no reason, no reason at all to have unflattering photos of yourself on your facebook page or online. just ask our main man at the computer, nick watt. >> reporter: celebrities benefited from artificial enhancement for years now. we can too. it is key in this age when our online persona is arguably more important than the reality. >> the days of, you know, that bare fresh face, no retouching, are kind of behind us. i think we're all moving into an era that its is so easy to do. >> reporter: i found some guinea pigs in our newsroom. michael didn't get much sleep last night. no biggy. there you go. before. after. work it. work it. josh before. josh after. and brandi. well, i'm not even going to mess with perfection. i'm working with portrait professionals here. can deal with mt. saint helens on your chin. but there are pitfa
. >> fabulous. >> with the cigarette. >> the cigarette, the voice, everything. >> the leopard pants. everything. chewing the gum. >> you guys were very competitive about who got the most candy. >> yeah, i'll say. i had to hide my candy. >> are you kidding? i would be like look, wendy, look. i'm not kidding. literally. >> what were your guys favorite costumes growing up? >> wow. probably for me was princess, cinderella. >> for me, my favorite ever, our mom made us -- there we are as princesses. i can't believe our kids are this age. but the one that sticks out at me was the flapper with the tassels. she made those. she actually made that. that was the best. so great. >> you guys both are now obviously are parents. you have six kids between you. way to pump them out. [laughter] >> two girls and four boys. >> what is halloween like now? >> it's still so much fun. we bought the costumes. they've been wearing them every day. >> aw. >> we had an early start. we went to get pumpkins an my husband rob is master pumpkin carver. just amazing. we got our pumpkins, lola and lucy. lucy had the big eyes. the
of a leopard lesson plan he talked about helen keller. a-e lambert lesson plan -- but a reasonable person would have to beat crazy not to be suspicious of that " elaborate " lesson plan. they must think that they're crazy if they do not think that that is suspicious. she could spend six months in jail. been also, the warriors. with j. r. stone having the latest. >> the die-hard fans are having the lines for the ipad mini. this small is on the market, that is coming up, next. >>pam: decision 2012. with just four days until the election several initiatives on the california ballot may come down to undecided voters. tonight dan kerman looks at the latest poll on proposition 34. if it is passed it would repeal the death penalty. >> california's death row could soon shut its doors for good. a new field poll shows a majority of californians favor proposition 34 which would repeal the death penalty. 45 say they would vote yes. 38 percent oppose the measure and 70 percent remained undecided. that is a significant increase in support from the poll taken in the month of september. when yes voters grilled
, alligators, leopards, a whole lot more. a menagerie of hell as far as i'm concerned. take a look. >> the tail, for example. you can touch the tail. the tail gets much bigger, this thick. up there, 40, 50 below zero. >> whoa. >> that was cool, wasn't it? >> yeah, that was very cool. >> sorry you don't have a hand there. the
or the cuddly -- fun fact. that leopard was loose in the "gma" office today. >> that's a fun fact. that's a fun fact. >> a tiny, tiny, little one. had it been a larger one, it would have been a different story. >> we have one teen on a quest to take a picture with as many different animals as possible. jack and friends are helping him add to the album. >> that's phenomenal. you should have him on "sea rescue." >>> it's the hottest collaboration of the year. we're introducing the neiman marcus and target collection here on "good morning america," first, before it hits stores tomorrow. we had a sneak peek. gorgeous. >> i wanted to run through there and grab armfuls of stuff. it's so stylish. and so affordable. >>> by the way, how does kate's new do look on anyone? well, two members of our "gma" family, amy's going to show us what they look like with a new hairstyle. >> that's right. we have chris lospalluto, who has been working all morning long, to give sarah and taylor kate's royal hairstyle. we're going to look at kate's cut on sarah. looking at sarah, before she got the new kate. and we'll lo
that appeared in new york last week wearing an indian headdress,leopard print panties and high heels. the tribal called it ignorance. victoria's secret apologized and you won't see it when the fashion show airs on wusa 9. >>> when we see high profil cheaters busted on national news we wonder why so many people are foolish so often. derek says the answer isn't thatcomplicated. >> to my mind this comes down to the big difference between what we like and what we value. for example, i value the idea of a stomach that looks like that, but i also like eating potato chips and fancy cupcakes. so this look is slightly more likely. same for monogamy. we give it a lot of lip service. anybody who appears to be successfully pulling it off, they get major kudos. we value it highly. but let's be real. that's not what we like. don't believe me? just look at our most popular tv shows. our advertising. and even the fact that this crazy david petraeus' sexy news story is all anybody wants to talk about. all of that is our human nature pulling us in a totally different direction. on the other hand, a good solid rel
...//. olice say... a group of people... wait outside.... while the man... in... full leopard costume ...tells the clerk... he's hungry... p and... needs feeeing.../ then... threatens to hurt him....// and... with... -& theyyrun off,... pouncing on racks of chips and candy along thh way...//.needless to say... the owner is fed up. houessou says: "the guy said, pbefore yyu purchase anything, take oof your mask." and he saad he doesn't ant to ttke off then he threw the thing to hhm." ///butt tt//houessou says: they keep doing it... i guess they're nnt scared about . nobody. police are looking into it.. . but orrnow... the owner and his emplooees... would... like to see ...this guy... face ddwn ....n a used... &damp. a thrift store jackpot. get for this hidden reasureel of the art world. minutes on the late edition... "she was so grateful and she was crying." crying."" near traaedy averttdd how a shoe donation almost cost one woman er life savings. and a very strange sight. what inspired a teenager to build a bike madeeentirelyyof wood. 3 [ female announcer ] welcome one
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on the newly issued bank notes, elephants, buffalo, rhinos, leopards, and
leopard. here at 9:00 p.m. eastern. happy thanksgiving everyone. >>> piers, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. 10:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m. in jerusalem, where we're coming to you tonight. a new day here. entering day nine of the israel/hamas conflict. a cease-fire in effect. when word spread of the agreement, this was the reaction in gaza city. >> people took to the streets. massive traffic and crowds. they celebrated what they saw as a victory for hamas and for gaza. the question is will all of this hold or will this cheering end in rockets crisscrossing the boardern once again? will people take cover in their homes, will the celebrations ends and the fear return? for u.s. secretary of state hilary clinton and president morsi, the hope is that the deal will stick. it calls for freedom of movement for palestinians in and out of gaza and a commitment not to target militants and commitment from militant groups in gaza, to halt rocket fire into israel. again, a discussion nothing is a done deal. over the next hour, we'll look at negotiations still happening now, we'll also hear
by a snow leopard. it was a quite extraordinary hour, that is jack hannah and friends here on friday night, 9:00, eastern, happy thanksgiving. >> a new day here, day five of the conflict, when word spread here, it was gaza city. people took to the streets, massive traffic and crowds as people celebrated, the gazans celebrated what they saw as a victory for hamas. question is, will all of this hold or when the cheering end and rockets happen once again? will all of these people once again take cover in their homes? will the celebrations end and the fear return? for u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton, and morsi, the agreement calls for discussion on a number of issues, including freedom of movement for palestinians, in and out of gaza. and the agreement not to target the area in gaza, and to halt rocket fire into israel. again, a discussion, nothing is a done deal. over the next hour we'll look at the negotiations still happening now. we'll also hear from the spokesperson for the israeli defense forces, and the leader of hamas, plus, the reporters on the ground, and we'll look at what t
yep, that was the moment one of my cameramen almost had his hand bitten up by a snow leopard. here at 9:00 p.m. eastern. happy thanksgiving everyone. hour. jack hanna and friends are here friday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. happy thanksgiving, everyone. >>> a new day here, we're entering day nine of the israel hamas conflict. there is, of course, a cease-fire in effect. when word spread, this was the reaction in gaza city. people took to the streets, massive traffic and crowds as people celebrated. gazans celebrated what they saw as a victory for hamas and gaza. question is, will all of this hold? will all of these people once again take cover in their homes? will the celebrations end and the fear return? for u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and mohammed morsi who pushed for a cease fire, the agreement calls for discussion of a number of issues, including freedom of movement for palestinians in and out of gaza. and the agreement not to target the area in gaza, and to halt rocket fire into israel. again, a discussion, nothing is a done deal. over the next hour we'll look at th
, these two buildings that used to house the leopards and red pabndas, th they're now classrooms. in one room they were doing gps mapping of bird houses. this inaugural class is sold. >> it's really specialized for the students. small classes. we get really good one-on-one time with our teachers. >> the link between these two programs being here on site, actually opens up a lot of doors for the students. >> reporter: students also spend one day a week essentially interning on site. some helping with the rare animals here. another selling point? all of the time outside the classroom. >> i'd say three out of every five days some weeks we're out there in the field doing research, like one week we were gathering turtles to count the number of endangered turtles in this one area. >> reporter: the program is not limited to george mason students. as it grows, the goal is a lofty one, to offer the best. >> we want to be the best at training conservation in the world. very ambitious goal. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. >> pretty interesting. >>> coming up, bp agrees to pay a record fine for the gulf
said that she accepted the teacher's story. it was all part of a leopard lesson plan he talked about helen keller. a-e lambert lesson plan -- but a reasonable person would have to beat crazy not to be suspicious of that " elaborate " lesson plan. they must think that they're crazy if they do not think that that is suspicious. she could spend six months in jail. >> coming up stanley roberts explains why neighbors are so upset. a pile of dirt in west oakland are starting to pile up. kron4's stanley roberts explains when neighbors are so upset. and why caltrans is launching an investigation. what is the problem? it might not be just dirt. in october which brought this to the attention derrik muhamead . >> why don't you have water on the dirt the community is inhaling all of that dirt. you do not know what is going on in that part? >> and although he had information that there are many problems what the dirt had clear-cut evidence of. >> we had an independent engineer refirm -- that the engineering firm tested the sorrel and came back suspected fall of contaminants particularly the high
on their bank notes. the big five, leopards, rhinos and lions. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. >>> hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield with a check of our top stories. top members of congress are demanding answers about the fbi investigation that uncovered former cia director david petraeus' extramarital affair. they want to know who in the fbi and the obama administration knew about the affair, when they knew it, and whether lawmakers were notified in a timely fashion. we'll have details at 4:00 eastern time today. >>> israel fired a warning shot into syria today after a stray mortar shell came across the border. the shell hit an israeli military post in the golden heights area. no one was injured but jerusalem has filed a complaint with u.n. forces operating in the area. >>> and closer to home, a new york resident hardest hit by superstorm sandy are getting ready to enter their third week without power or water. more than 38,000 customers remain in the dark. the storm is now to blame for 43 deaths in new york alone. >>> and a world ex
points. chris, i knew i liked you, but you sealed the deal with that def leopard comment. >> i know '80s and '90s power rock ballads better than anyone. we can talk white lion and poison whenever you want. >> reporter: got it. thanks, chris. >> thank you, becky. >>> the house is taking a break this week for thanksgiving. can party leaders get a deal without appeasing their entire caucus and forge a compromise through a coalition of democrats and, dare we say it, republicans? joining me now is jonathan allen and amy parns for the hill newspaper. hello both of you. >> hi, chris. how are you? >> i am well, thank you for asking. let's talk about fiscal cliff. i feel like so much of the focus has been on can republicans, can john boehner, deliver his coalition. i was struck by a story in politico that said, you know, democrats have their own issues here if the deal is simply to raise taxes on the wealthiest 1%, 250,000 or above 0. john, can you talk about that? this is not just republicans having a deal with a fraction coalition. it may be democrats, too. >> that's right. democrats have taken
cameramen almost had his hand bitten off by a snow leopard. it was a quite extraordinary hour, that is jack hannah and friends here on friday night, it was quite an extraordinary hour. that's jack hanna and friends here on friday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. happy thanksgiving, everyone. >>> new this morning, a deadly hospital attack. 40 people killed in syria, including a doctor and three children. >>> plus, celebrations in the streets as a cease-fire is called between israel and gaza. but will it hold? >>> and the likes of charlie brown and kermit and snoopy floating above new york city streets on this very early thursday morning. folks, it's macy's day thanksgiving parade time. >> a time-honored tradition. >> so exciting! >> another time-honored tradition is our jason carol, who's always along the parade route. welcome to "early start" and happy thanksgiving. i'm alina cho. >> good morning, i'm brooke baldwin. berman and zoraida both have the day off. it's 6:00 ones the east coast. good to be with you. we'll get back to the macy's thanksgiving day parade in just a moment. but we want to b
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